I Know You.

I thought I knew you. Until...

you saw me come to life and walked by,

yet never did your shadow touch mine. I tried screaming, my layrnx tearing and avoiding the revenge of tit-for-tat to start a tete-a-tete with you. It was the end, and I did not want to offend. So I said "Hi". But your eyes and the curves on your forehead made it clear, "Bye". I was never your friend but your standby. Not there to amend, instead I paid mind. I showed you love in spite of your blemishes. But you made me a slave for your benefit; satisfying your bile of wishes. I was the SOMA of your emotions, the shoulder for your burdens, and the large intestines that held the trashy life you'll dump. I asked of nothing but one. To believe with me to see this day, but you turned your back and laughed.

You know me. Only when I have stood before countless men and had standing ovations? Now that my flaming red bumps of pain and dark pimples of insecurity are null? Now that the roots of my hair is visible and the scald is gone? Now that your blindfolded eyes can now see my beauty within and without me? You know me now because like a parasite you still want to nourish your pseudo ego. You fed on my being like a hungry vampire in need of blood, and put me into exile in your conscience, like a diamond lost in a flood. You rejected me, like a surrogate plump of tissues that won't fit into your bone marrow, except when you had issues. You laughed at the growing mustache of my poverty and mocked the stench of my stagnation as if I was a non-entity. Away!

You know me not!

You dare not tie a knot!

But wait...

I will not hesitate.

I have seen bitter days, but I have walked better ways. And so I stretch forth my hands, letting go of vengeful strands, With the warmth in the palm of my hands, I receive your cold soul. Let me introduce myself because you know me not.

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