Lesson from a failed experiment...

This was originally written in 2013.

Some time ago, my class had to perform an experiment on conduction. One of the apparatus included the use of two styrofoam cups as calorimeters, which held water. It happened that at the end of the experiment, my group did not get the expected results. Our observation and data turned out to be flawed, thus leading to an inaccurate conclusion. We were not able to identify what had gone wrong.

After separating the apparatus, we found out why the experiment was not successful. I noticed that one of the cups had leaked. We did not realize the decrease in the volume of the water because the puncture on the cup was inconspicuous. Not so much water had drained, yet it had affected the conclusion of the experiment greatly.

Some of us are like this leaking cup. In the eyes of many people, we are "fit for the experiment". Yet, there is this little tiny part of our lives that disqualifies us. For example, let us consider the talented choir leader who has a short temper or the young woman who is viable for marriage but is hostile towards men. In these two instances, a great choir or a marriage proposal may not be produced as a result. We request for the blessings of God, being confident of receiving them. However, the leaks in our lives become an obstacle to tap into these blessings. Is there a hole of anger, lies, pride, selfishness, self-righteousness and the likes? Your cup is leaking, and your expected results are altering. Replace the leaking cup!

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