STUCK I: introduction

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Ever feel like you have been sitting in a rocking chair at a point in your life? I have.

You spring forward a little. Then you end up just where you started. It feels good, then it feels worse. There is no balance. No in-between. No victory without failure. Happiness without sorrow. It is an incessant swing on the pendulum of life, never standing. You begin to lose sense of what standing or sitting feels like because if you are like me, you have been kneeling as well. Praying, screaming, groaning, moaning and hoping that the rocking will stop. But does it?

At the end of the day though, there is hope. Always hopeful.

I thought that I could share a little bit of my life with you, not to struck sympathy or excitement per se. I hope to start a conversation with you. To expose you to a world that may be different from yours or experiences that sound like your own. As I continue to share bits and pieces of my life experience, I am intrigued by the parallels, anomalies and mutuality that exist among the company I find myself with. I have found that there could be healing, transformation and support in sharing. I hope that this presents one of those for you. I hope that this sparks a conversation with you and with the people in your circle.

What this is not

These series of articles are based on my own experiences with real situations and real people. The collection of articles is not a memoir, because majority of what I speak about are still very present in my life. It is not also an attempt to criticize or exaggerate the impact of some of the agencies and individuals that are referred to throughout this series. The views, thoughts, and opinions I express in these series are mine.

Take a journey with me, as I share some part of me with you...

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