What I learnt from Agent Oso

This was originally written in 2013.

"Agent Oso, you have a special assignment... It is Oso special!" I love watching this show not because I am too childish to watch it often but it is an animated show that speaks volumes about an important factor of life to its viewers. Agent Oso is a special bear who is called occasionally in the midst of his training to attend to an assignment. His goal to accomplish his assignment is characterized by his urgent response to the call, and help from his friends (viewers).

Now, Agent Oso is called mostly in the midst of his training to acquire a new skill, and he willingly leaves it to attend to the call. He is never bothered by the interruption because he is more interested in assisting the people in need. The interesting part of this show is that the people he helps always give him a cue to completing his training course each time. I wonder how many skills he would have lacked because he failed his training sessions! However, because of his benevolent nature, he always ends up helping people and he in turn, gets to complete his course. Watching this animated character on the kid's channel provokes me quite well.

The natural component to finish a course takes concentration, but it comes a time where there is need for interruption so as to lead you to completing your course; and quicker. As humans, we tend to believe that it is an undisturbed process that leads to a successful conclusion. However, it is not so in every case. Relationships are very important, and so it is therefore necessary to elevate it in the midst of other demands. Agent Oso acknowledges the call of people in need than the goal of finishing his course (Because of this, everybody that sees him also knows him by name).

Sometimes, you let work prevent you from spending time with your family. You have developed a cordial relationship with your computer more than your wife because duty calls. What if the answer you are looking for lies in spending time with your sick wife or saddened daughter who feels rejected and fatherless?...

Duty calls but love must be responded to. If you would be like Agent Oso and adhere to the call of the groaning child amidst your hurriedness, then you would find the cue to the solution of your problem.

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